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True Northern Vape

Like the land it hails from, True Northern is known for its authenticity and diversity.
Each liquid is sourced using a myriad of only the highest grade flavouring available from around the world, then masterfully crafted into a distinct blend that will make you reach for your device again.
All liquids are kept free of sugary sweeteners. This is done because we believe that a truly fine liquid does not use shortcuts.
You will also experience that your coils will last much longer without having to replace them.
These are the principles that True Northern values. They are uncompromised and exists in every bottle.
From refreshing fruits to decadent custards and everything in between, Our promise is that…
You will not taste anything like it.
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True Northern Vape BC Breeze: Zesty Citrus with Ripe Apples and Berries
From $12.95 - $34.95
True Northern Vape The One Ring: Classic Fruit Ring Cereal
From $12.95 - $34.95
True Northern Vape Double D's: Cucumber Tri-Melon Blend
From $12.95 - $34.95